Propane Appliances for Space Heating, Water Heating and More

Propane provides terrific value and it’s a domestically made, eco-friendly alternative for heating your home or business. Propane puts less wear on equipment, so boilers and furnaces are easier to maintain, break down less and last longer—making a propane central-heating system a better investment than electric-based systems.

And then there’s the extensive range of household appliances and other equipment that can be powered by propane: water heaters, clothes dryers, ovens and ranges, outdoor lighting, patio heaters, pool and spa-tub heaters, outdoor grills, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces, not to mention backup propane generators.

Propane gas is also extremely safe. It’s nontoxic, meaning it can’t harm soil or groundwater, and it has a very narrow range of flammability. Read more about safe propane.

Save with rebates

You may qualify for up to a $200 rebate when you add or replace a propane appliance. Go here for details.

How many ways are you using propane?

Take a look and see some of the ways you can enjoy the power of efficient and versatile propane throughout the year—inside and outside your Tennessee home.