Early Fall in Tennessee: Time to Fill Your Propane Tank

Date: October 2, 2018

Autumn tree

Colorful leaves. Cool breezes. Pumpkin picking. And, of course, football! Yes, the fall season has arrived in Tennessee and there’s plenty to do. But here’s a reminder about one activity that you may not have put on your calendar: fill up your propane tank.

Whether you have a propane gas grill for the big game, a propane fireplace or log set for a cozy evening at home, an efficient propane water heater that keeps the hot water flowing or a propane furnace to take away the autumn chill, you probably rely on propane to deliver comfort in many different ways. Having plenty of propane in your tank now ensures you’re good to go as we continue to make the transition into fall.

Keep in mind that sudden cold snaps are common during late autumn and early winter, but they happen less often in the early fall. Fill your propane tank now and you’ll be ready for any sudden weather changes.

As we experienced last year, the sudden onset of cold weather can quickly lead to propane run-outs and dangerous no-heat emergencies as people scramble to get more fuel into their tanks. Order your propane now and there’s a better chance your family will stay safe and comfortable in any weather. And with that in mind, you should also make sure your propane backup generator is ready to operate in the event of a power outage.

Take advantage of stable propane prices

As you know, propane prices rise with demand, which is highest three times a year: in the late fall as temperatures drop, all winter long, and in the summer months, when people take to the road for summer vacation and camping.

Early fall gives you an opportunity to get your propane in between these periods of peak demand – which means it is one of the best times of the year to save money on your propane deliveries.

Don’t be left out in the cold or pay more than necessary to fill your propane tank. Contact your local Tennessee propane company and request your early fall delivery today.