Heat With Propane

Using Propane to Heat Your Home

While people who rely solely on electric heat usually can’t get their homes warm enough during cold spells in the Volunteer State, many other Tennesseans enjoy the toasty comfort provided by a high-powered propane furnace.

Why do people have problems with electric heat pumps?

An electric heat pump works by capturing heat from the outside air and transferring it to your home. But when it’s really cold out there, there isn’t enough heat energy for your heat pump to keep your home comfortable. Older heat pumps in Tennessee often supply air heated only to 95°, which is colder than your normal body temperature. It always feels like a cold draft coming out of your vents!

To compensate, people end up using all sorts of electric space heaters, which can be an expensive way to generate heat. They can also be risky if proper precautions are not followed. People may rely on backup electric strips, which are inefficient and often emit a burned odor caused by dust and other residue that has built up around the strips. If you feel the need for a portable space heater, consider using a propane-powered one. Read more here.

Propane furnaces: more heat for less

In contrast to heat pumps, propane furnaces produce much higher indoor air temperatures. Highly efficient propane furnaces produce enough thermal energy to heat your home without the need for any backup system. Read more here.

Many Tennesseans are also using propane fireplaces to deliver supplemental heat—that’s a big help if you’re not using a propane furnace to heat your home! Consider this: Propane fireplaces produce twice as much heat as wood-burning fireplaces at about a third of the cost. And there’s no soot, ash or smoke to worry about. Read more about propane fireplaces.

Please contact your local propane company to learn more about heating a home with propane or if you have questions about propane heat or propane heating service.