Space Heaters

Eliminate Cold Spots in Your Home with a Propane Space Heater

Try as you might, there are certain rooms that you just can’t keep warm during a cold winter.

A portable space heater fueled by propane is a great option, because it’s much less expensive and is safer to operate than an electric space heater.

Energy-saving vented-gas space heaters are easy to install, incredibly efficient and extremely safe. They also burn more cleanly, creating fewer emissions than either electric or fuel-oil space heaters.

With the immediate, consistent and even heat provided by a space heater, you can enjoy comfortable heat in any room of your house all winter long.

Looking for the best space heaters? Consider these benefits of propane:

  • 99.9% efficient
  • provides warmth for the whole room at half the cost of similar electric models
  • whisper-quiet operation
  • easy to install, whether it’s vented or unvented
  • slim, compact design takes up little space
  • gives you balanced, reliable and continuous temperature control

Before deciding which propane gas heater to buy, do a comparison in terms of heat capacity, efficiency, and the costs of installation and operation. The two basic types of space heaters are convection and radiant heaters.

Contact your propane company if you would like advice about saving money by choosing the best space heaters.

Save with rebates

You may qualify for a $75 rebate when you install a space heater. Go here for details.