How to Use Indoor Propane Space Heaters

Date: October 6, 2021

Read Our 12 Safety Tips

space heater safety tennesseePropane heaters serve a lot of purposes. They can provide heating to spaces where your home’s HVAC system doesn’t reach. Propane indoor heaters heat a space faster and more efficiently with lower energy costs than an electric indoor heater.

You have a range of choices when it comes to propane indoor heaters for your Tennessee home. There are portable indoor propane heaters, wall-mounted propane indoor heaters, forced air propane indoor heaters and radiant indoor propane heaters.

Here are 12 tips to help make sure you are using your propane indoor heater safely.

  1. Choose a propane heater that’s the right size for your room or space, and carries the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) label.
  2. Carefully read manufacturer’s instructions before using your propane indoor space heater.
  3. Your indoor propane heater should have features such as a low oxygen sensor, high-temperature coated safety guard on the front, overheat protection and automatic shutoff if it tips over.
  4. Make sure your propane indoor space heater is installed on a non-combustible surface away from where people walk and that it is positioned safely away from combustible materials such as furniture, curtains, doors, bedding and towels. If you use a wall-mounted room heater, make sure your wall material is non-combustible.
  5. Never place anything on top of an indoor propane space heater.
  6. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, or the space where you use your indoor propane space heater.
  7. Never leave an indoor propane heater unattended. Turn the heater off when you leave the room. And make sure your propane indoor space heater is turned off before you go to bed.
  8. If your propane indoor heater has a yellow or orange flame instead of a blue one, stop using it immediately because the gas is not burning properly.Get professional service to fix the problem.
  9. Use your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to carefully vacuum up any dust on the outside of the propane indoor space heater and on the grills.
  10. Never spray air fresheners, deodorants, aerosol spray cleaners or hair spray near an indoor propane space heater.
  11. Have your vented propane indoor space heater inspected annually.
  12. Make sure pathways to all of a space’s exits are clear when you’re using your indoor propane space heater.

Contact your propane company if you would like advice about purchasing and installing a propane space heater. Read more propane safety tips.