Uses for Propane in Your Tennessee Home

Date: April 7, 2018

Are you just getting to know propane? Propane is one of the most versatile fuels available, so it really makes sense to explore the many ways that it can make your life easier and better. With a built-in supply of fuel on your property, you’ll have many options at your fingertips.

How about cooking like a pro with a new propane gas range? Gas stoves give you much better temperature control and heat distribution than electric stoves.

That’s just the beginning. Many people also use propane as a fuel for their clothes dryer. Gas dryers typically dry your clothes 25% faster than electric dryers and are gentler on fabrics.

Feeling a chill?

If you can’t get your home warm enough with an electric furnace or electric heat pump, there are a number of propane solutions for greater comfort. You can learn more here. Propane is also a very efficient way to heat your water.

You can use propane outside in lots of different ways. Take advantage of propane for barbecues, fire pits, and patio and pool heaters. And don’t forget the peace of mind of having a propane-gas whole-house generator! That’s a much safer option than using portable gasoline generator.

To learn more about the uses of propane and all the great choices it offers you, please contact your propane company. They’ll be glad to help.